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Where did the fat in this blood come from? ~ An Ead-iotic Analysis

NOTE  (8/7/2018):    I've edited this article, initially written/published 5/5/2011, to omit the no more applicable back story and broken links.  I had referred to a discussion on Jimmy Moore's now-long-defunct LLVLC Discussion Board that made me aware of the Eades' post discussed.

SUMMARY:  Fat from the blood following a fatty meal is almost entirely due to the fat in the meal.

Several years ago, Dr. Michael Eades wrote the following article:  ABC’s big meal propaganda.  Sadly, the movie is no longer available.  It involved subjects consuming a GIGANTIC meal of 6000 calories, after which blood was drawn two hours later.  This”after” blood was quite cloudy, and the technician holds up this and explains the source of the cloudiness as fat.   Yes, high in fat and carbs, but favoring the starches.   While they pointed finger at only the saturated fat — it was 187g of saturated fat == it's not too much of a stretch to estimate this meal comprised around 300-350g total fat or more.

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