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The Keto Diet Cookbook: $500 Keto Pantry Bundle

Keto Diet Cookbook GiveawayKeto Diet Cookbook Giveaway

Supercharge your keto cooking with this epic pantry package, filled with everything you want to make fat burning your #1 priority.

My new book, The Keto Diet Cookbook, hits shelves April 9, 2019 and to celebrate, I’m gifting one lucky reader a $500 pantry gift set complete with…

All you need to do to enter to win $500 worth of keto pantry products

  1. Pre-order a copy of the book

  2. Fill out your details here and you will be entered to win!

PLUS! You’ll also get:

  • Keto Food Sensitivity Guide: a 7-page guide on successfully swapping out common keto ingredients to make your low-FODMAP keto diet, nightshade-free keto diet, nut-free keto diet, or egg-free keto diet. Besides, you will have extras to span across the week.
  • Product Discount Codes: Exclusive offers, only for you. Get $30 off your first ButcherBox + free bacon and 15% off a Perfect Keto product of your choice!

The Keto Diet Cookbook is a comprehensive roadmap to preparing keto foods according to your hunger level without having to rely on macro counting or calorie tracking, complete with 141 recipes created from whole foods and ZERO fancy ingredients.

Plus, each and every recipe is a whole meal with balanced keto macros.

The thing that frustrates me the most about my favorite cookbooks? Recipes aren’t complete. It’ll tell me the way to make a roast, but not what to serve with the roast. So, I am using at least a minimum of two recipes for any given meal.

When I asked you how you felt about this, a whole lot of you said it annoyed you, also.

Thus, in my upcoming paperback, all the 140+ recipes are complete meals. That means it is possible to create a meal for yourself/your household and have everything in 1 recipe to create it.

This means…

You know when you are planning your meals for the week and you are totally stumped on…

  • How to make it all work with your health goals
  • which recipes to choose to support your weight loss goal
  • how to make it work with your families needs
  • the best way to stay on plan
  • how to keep to a budget…


Planning is essential to keto success, but it can be tough to determine which recipe goes where and feel confident in the way you are feeding yourself.

The Keto Diet Cookbook coming April 9 2019The Keto Diet Cookbook coming April 9 2019

This is the reason The Keto Diet Cookbook has a convenient Meal Planning System that guides you through all the recipes and makes it SIMPLE to develop your weekly meal programs in under 5 minutes.

The Keto Diet Meal Planning System provides readers with 3 templates to follow based on their meal planning needs. In one of the templates, you are guided through determining how much food to eat based on your objectives, you are provided a meal planning combination to follow, and then all the recipes in the book can plug into your distinctive combination.

Pre-order Your Copy & Enter to Win

This is a special feature which makes each and every one of the recipes in the book useable!

For serious. 5 minute meal plan + grocery list, BOOM!

SO many of you have asked me to do another book focused on wholesome un-fancy recipes:

  • The way I cook at home when I am in a hurry
  • using common items
  • using readily accessible ingredients
  • with limited ingredients in each recipe
  • made in under 30 minutes

Pre-order Your Copy & Enter to Win

I’m super stoked with this book and can not wait for you to see it in real life. If you decide to pre-order, don’t forget to visit this page to add your name to the $500 keto pantry bundle giveaway.

And, if you’re in Canada, this giveaway is open for you, too! Only I can not get all these goodies here so instead, you’ll win a $600 CAD gift card to Amazon.ca. Closes April 8, 2019 at 11:59pm PT. Winner will be contacted via email.


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