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Tala by Sarah Geronimo Is The Latest Dance Challenge Craze

Tala Dance Craze by Sarah Geronimo

A 2015 hit song “Tala” by Sarah Geronimo became the latest dance challege craze over the 2019 holidays and in early 2020. Through the hashtags #taladancechallenge and #talachallenge, it is making rounds in the social media and appealed to the Filipinos because of the song’s catchy lyrics and easy dance steps.

Sarah Geromino said in an interview with her that she invisioned “Tala” to be a dance craze: “Alam niyo po, in-envision ko na magiging dance craze ‘tong kantang ‘to. Gusto ko itong vibe ng song na ‘to, maging dance craze, everybody is dancing to this song — at, wow, power of claiming it, nagkatotoo!”.

But did you know that the Tala current dance craze almost didn’t happen?

Tala was the last track added to the Sara Geronimo’s 2015 album “The Great Unknown”, according to Tala composer/lyricest Nica del Rosario.

Sarah Geronimo and Tala's songwriter Nica del Rosario
Sarah Geronimo and Tala’s songwriter Nica del Rosario Photo taken from Nica’s Instagram

She shared that none of the songs she and her team submitted to Viva Records made it to Sarah’s album. After a few days, Viva called her that they need one more song for Sarah’s album.

Nica began composing a song according to Sarah’s preferences which the latter wants it to be a dance song. After some revisions and finalization with her team and Sarah, Tala was born.

It came as a shock to Sarah, and Nica as well, to the resurgence of the song in the later part of 2019 when a group of friends made a dance video to the tune of Tala as a protest for the removal of a makeshift volleyball court. This dance video became viral in social media that inspired others to do a dance challenge.


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