Keto Egg Fast Tracker and Planning Tools

I’ve assembled meal planning as well as a few tools here to help you.

There’s the Egg Fast grocery list, the basic rules and the Egg fast Tracker program for iPhone and Android.

There’s also the printable egg tracker for paper and pencil people like me!

I hope this is helpful to you!

Free keto Egg Fast printable food tracker, rules and grocery list

>>Download your free printable pdf of the Keto Egg Quick Grocery List<<<

>>Download your free printable pdf of the Keto Egg Fast Rules<<<

>>>Download your free printable pdf of this Keto Egg Fast 5 Day Food Tracker<<<

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Free Egg Fast Tracker Apps for your tablet computers and phones

The free Egg Fast Tracker App for iPhone and Android. Helps with Egg Fast tracking!

The Egg Fast Tracker Program

Using some of the keto macro counters is a tedious way to keep track during the egg quickly.  While after the egg plus many men and women get a bit freaked out about the macros and calories. 

The Egg Fast Diet is a Simple program.  Is the complete number of eggs, cheese and fats.

Android Egg Quick Tracker program !  It’s completely free and you can install it on your Android phone or tablet.

In case you have an iPhone or iPad, then click this link for your Egg Fast Tracker program.

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Getting Started – Three Days of Keto Egg Fast Meals and Ideas

Egg Fast Three Day Sample Menu

Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu - Day 2

Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu – Day 2

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Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu - Day 3

Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu – Day 3

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How to Transition from Egg Fast back to Keto LCHF

How to Transition from Egg Quick back to Keto LCHF

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What can I eat on egg fast? Try out some of These Egg Fast Recipes!

Egg Fast Recipes to Try

below are some basic egg fast recipes for you to try out!

Keto Cloud Bread with Dairy Free and Egg Fast Options

Keto Cloud Bread with Dairy Free and Egg Fast Options

Get the Recipe

Egg Fast Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Egg Quick Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs

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Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites for the Egg Fast!

Immediate Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites for the Egg Fast!

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Keto Mini Egg Fast Pizzas

Keto Mini Egg Quick Pizzas

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Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs

Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs

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Egg Fast Recipe:  Lemon Filled Danish

Egg Fast Recipe: Lemon Filled Danish

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How to Transition from Egg Fast back to Keto LCHF

How to Transition from Egg Fast back to Keto LCHF

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Save  these Egg Fast tools and apps to Pinterest

All your free Egg Fast tracking apps, grocery list and menu planning printables in one place!

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Keto, Paleo and Gluten Free in Clearwater and St. Petersburg

This in demand vacation destination such as St Petersburg and Clearwater  has plenty of keto and paleo gluten free supermarket and restaurant choices. With the Gulf of Mexico for a garden, it’s rather easy to see why these beach areas are consistently voted best in the USA.

I used to visit her in St Petersburg and my sister went to Eckerd College and we would visit hot spots and the beaches. In the winter of 2019 my sister and parents rented a house for a month in Largo just a few miles from Indian rocks beach and Clearwater Beach so I was able to research the Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg region broadly.

Let’s will take measures to escape it and just say to begin with I hate winter. Getting in the car to drive 10 hours is a no brainer for me and my loved ones. We love to locate healthy keto, gluten-free and paleo choices to go together with our active and health lifestyle.

St. Petersburg: 

Parkshore Grille if you would like some awesome seafood that’s cooked well then stop in here. Be certain you sit outside on a warm day and look at the boats. I had some local fish with an hollandaise sauce.

Dr. BBQ: The star of this series was the beef ribs which is not found many places from Texas. It was super tender and delicious but a little expensive. We enjoyed the brisket and pastrami brisket.   Grass Fed Chef was able meet with the owner and talk shop. Find this great place in trendy Downton St. Petersburg, afterwards take a stroll by the water and look at the boats.

Ceviche: This is a great Spanish restaurant in downtown St. Pete which has awesome modest plates featuring a great deal of great fish and meaty sides. It is right downtown on the waterfront in St. Petersburg so you can go to for a walk but the ships and huge banyan trees afterward.

Bandit Coffee: I’ve been a huge fan of The Minimalists for a while so when I heard they owned a coffee shop I had to go check it out. This place has great ambiance and coffee in an up and coming hipster location.

Sunken Gardens: This garden in St. Pete is below sea level and has some awesome vegetation you won’t locate at higher latitudes. If you’re a nature and plant lover you wont be disappointed at this historical attraction that is over 100 years old.

Fort Desoto: This is an amazing state park that is a wonderland of outdoor pursuits. We had a keto, paleo and gluten free picnic at North Beach then later I swam over to the sand bar through 65 degree water for some cold thermogenesis. There’s a terrific bicycle trail that stretches for miles and also a kayak area on the bay side which stretches for miles.It is a wonderful place for families, this picture is my sister and my nephews playing in the sand.

St. Pete Beach: I remained in St. Pete beach in January 2018 for 3 days and it was brightly colored and chill. We had some great seafood and stayed right on the beach at the Beachcomber resort. I am not sure that I would recommend it as it was a little loud because the chambers doors open right onto the courtyard so I didn’t get that much sleep but it was great to walk out to the shore. If you want a little bit more of a party atmosphere you will like it. I did enjoy the refrigerator and made foods in my area to stay on track with my keto diet.

So I could have my own kitchen and a separate bedroom next time I would probably look for an AIRBNB. Save $40 off your very first stay here.

Beachcomber Resort

This is a wonderful locally owned health food market which has great produce, wild fish and grass fed beef. They also have a good deal of prepared foods (which are cooked in coconut oil) and a excellent place to sit and eat that is helpful when it is super hot outside. Stock up with all of your favorites such as Lily ’ and Kevita s keto bars.

Salty’s Island Bar is kind of a touristy spot on the shore but I had some wonderful peel and eat shrimp known as royal reds and this awesome Bairdi snow crab. You can’t go wrong with the new catch and my father loved the fresh grouper he ordered, that can be blackedend not fried to lower the carbs. We loved sitting on the porch and feeling the ocean breeze and sunshine. Be sure to ask for the gluten free menu.

Kara Lynn’s Kitchen Clearwater $$ This is a trendy paleo restaurant that has been serving grass fed beef chili (no beans)  the day I visited. They had some keto chocolate brownie and sugar free truffles.

It has won many awards as the best of the Tampa Bay. Make sure when you go in to follow their system to pick a number.  I had. My husband had a few blackened flounder he loved with slaw. We ordered chilled garlic shrimp that we ate as an appetizer.

I got some grass fed beef liver and oil for earaches and they even have homemade keto desserts. They have a history of advocating along with promoting organics for labeling food and fighting GMO ’ s. They have a great meat section, produce and even supplements.

Indian Rocks Beach: This is a lesser known shore than Clearwater but more chill and worth a stop. Make certain to read the signs carefully to avoid tickets although find an access point and park for free. Take only pictures and leave only footprints. I like to get my steps in on my tracker regular and this is a excellent place.

It has a playground for children and on the backside features every restaurant you can imagine. Bring your chairs and umbrella to spend here and enjoy the turquoise waves. We had some fun here but because we visited in January you had to wear a coat. There’s san volleyball courts that I died to play but I didn ’ t get a chance.

If you want to eat off the beach there are showers and lots of areas for picnics. The beach is beautiful with clear greenish water. Be sure to walk over to the side where you are able to see the channel with the boats. Sit on the rocks and look on the opposite side of the station at the fancy resorts. We loved not having to be concerned about filling the meter up . There are for shifting after a swim terrific baths and showers. There are lifeguards during food and summer truck serving snacks. I like to bring my own picnic which saves money and affirms our health.

Pinellas Trail: is a bike trail that was a railroad that stretches across St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach for almost 40 miles. Make sure to bring a bike or rent one to benefit from this outdoor activity. My dad and I had a fantastic time riding this course made for bones and pedestrians.

Tarpon Springs: is a place that has food that is awesome and has been the home of the trade for many years. You can go on a boat to see how the sponges plants are harvested grub on some seafood.

Get a sponge. The wool sponge is the most coveted and they also are naturally antibacterial.

Noshing on some snapper in Tarpon Springs.

Crystal River: is a unique place 2 hours from Clearwater that has a warm and clear spring where you can observe manatees during the winter. Also we got some amazing fish at a fish market. Make sure when you’ve got a motor, go slow and always to never harass the manatees. My father took us on a dingy but we went really slow and utilized the motor.

Manatees under the water at Crystal River Spring

Eating Keto, Paleo and Gluten Free in Clearwater and St. Petersburg is easy and fun with many options for healthful peeps. After you’re finished noshing check such as stand up paddle kayaking or boarding. Leave a comment if you’ve got some thoughts about. Be certain to book an Airbnb (here) so you can cook yourself some real food dishes and have more space to spread out than a hotel offers.

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