How To Increase Website Traffic Organically

how to increase website traffic

Are you looking for ways how to increase website traffic?

Marketing has made countless advances, and digital marketing trends are constantly changing. One of these trends is content marketing, which allows users to be gradually attracted to a brand or product through blogs, creating empathy with the reader.

Lately, blogs occupy a large part of the internet, and there is practically no major brand that does not have one.

Writing a blog with quality content is not an easy task. Still, it is even more challenging to generate the circulation we expect and for your content to achieve as many readers as possible, even more so at the beginning of the process. For this, you need time, dedication, and patience.

How to increase website traffic organically?

To save you time, we have selected some smart techniques that you can use how to increase website traffic organically for your blog. Ready to start?

Link to authority sites

You already know that creating quality content is one of the basic rules of content marketing, so you should never stop considering this golden rule.

Placing links in your post can be harmful and make you lose authority. But let’s review this concept.

Link building is putting links in our domain to other pages and other websites placing links to our content.

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If, when creating a post on our site, we put links left and right, forced or without much connection, logically, it will be a damaging practice. However, if we place links in a natural way that helps the reader solve their problems, this will always be well seen by Google and allow a good position in a search.

These publications are made on blogs, preferably in the same niche, stimulate the relationship between the pages and bring greater visibility to both. Logically one will have links to the other.

A good idea for this practice on how to increase website traffic is to find a post with a good ranking on Google, check if the domain accepts guest posts, and improve this post.

For example, if the title is a list of 5 points for something, improve it by increasing the number of points or transforming it into a definitive guide.

To get the guest post, send an email to the website with a compelling headline, showing examples of your best posts, adding graphics and images, and saying that you take responsibility for promoting the guest post on social media

Make a “Guest Post” with Wikipedia

If we observe, when searching on Google, the first results are usually those of Wikipedia in most cases. Did you know that you can use this to generate organic traffic on your website?

As we mentioned before, link building can bring us excellent results in terms of positioning. So why not have some of our content linked by Wikipedia? How? Now I will explain it to you.

If you put the following command into Google:

“http:// is . wikipedia. org/»+»citation needed»+” keyword”

As a result, you will end up with some Wikipedia articles that need an external source to supplement the information they already have.

What can you do? To add it to this page, an extremely original post with quality content that responds exactly to what is requested. For this, you have to register on Wikipedia, click Edit, and include the quote as follows:

<ref>{{Web quote│title = Post title │url = http ://yourwebsite .com │accessdate =xx/xx │author = your full name │accessyear = xxxx │language = Spanish}}<ref>

And ready! You already created the link.

It is good that you know that this type of link is nofollow. It means that the link to another website will not convey relevance. Despite this, given the importance of Wikipedia, a nofollow from here is much more valuable than a dofollow (a link that gives relevance) from most websites.

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  • Quillbot

Don’t forget, like everything in SEO, you should use this technique very sparingly.

Take advantage of long-tail keyword variations

If you want to drive long-term visits and increase circulation more naturally, you should use long-tail keywords. You must have heard about it many times by now, right? The reason is that it works.

Long-tail keywords have fewer searches than head-tail keywords. The advantage is that you have less competition. For this reason, you can gain greater visibility with more specific phrases that more accurately reflect the content of your posts.

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In addition to choosing long-tail keywords for your content, you can use the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) technique.

Through this technique, Google analyzes our domain to establish semantic relationships of our content.

When you use LSI, you don’t need to repeatedly mention the long tail keyword in your content, you need to use phrases with the same meaning. The more synonyms of your keyword in your content, the greater the possibility of being better positioned. These terms will reinforce the idea that your article talks about your keyword.

Increase your digital reputation

how to increase website traffic
Did you know that most consumers trust online reviews and personal recommendations?

Increasing your digital reputation means improving the online opinion they have about you.

In today’s world, everything is competition, and it could not be different in the digital world. Therefore, if your reputation is good, it will positively influence your business.

And how to improve my digital reputation? Respect your readers, answer their questions, handle criticism correctly, offer valuable content, and be consistent, fulfilling what your brand or product promises.

Constantly monitor what others say about you and encourage positive feedback, ratings, and ratings.

Do a good job, and then you will reap the rewards. People will want to know what you have to say.

Share content on Social Networks

You must have already heard that social networks are an excellent strategy for digital marketing. Knowing how to use them correctly is essential to achieving your goals. Therefore, we give you some guidelines on increasing organic traffic on your website using these networks.

Create engaged followers

An engaged follower of your brand or product is critical to a successful digital marketing campaign. Through it, you can reach more loyal followers than any other way.

This type of public is the one that shares your content and gives greater visibility to the brand. Value it since it is a special member among your group of users.

Your digital reputation also comes in here; this, together with the recommendation of a loyal follower, will bring you more engaged followers, the best promoters of your website.

Show closeness and empathy with your consumers.

For the bond between the brand and consumers, it is essential to show proximity and seek to make followers feel identified with it. Therefore, create and share content that has value for them.

Remember that all your content should revolve around your buyer persona. Your followers will create empathy with your brand among users.

Focus on the visual

Social networks are quite dynamic, some more than others. Therefore, share images with content since the pictures are the ones that stand out clearly and have more acceptance among the public.

When sharing a post on a social network, this post must have a good title and an excellent image. Associated with this, the call to access your website must be pretty attractive. This way, it will be irresistible to stop entering your domain’s content.

Apart from texts, create infographics and videos for your blog and share them on your social networks. Infographics will attract the attention of users.

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Infographics, photographs, or videos will be the most shared and the ones that will generate a large part of the web traffic of the social channel.

Another advantage is that images may receive less traffic the first few months, but over 12 months, they receive much more traffic than written content.

Remember that consistency on social media is essential to how to increase website traffic, so don’t stop posting quality content.

Use famous brand names

Lastly, another way to drive traffic to your blog is to write about trending brand names.

For example, if your blog talks about travel, you can make a comparison between two large hotel chains. These hotel chains most likely have a huge search volume. When people search about these hotels, your blog will most likely appear on the front page of google.

Please take advantage of this and create a good text with all the SEO recommendations you know and work to make it appear in the first positions.

These are the recommendations that we give you to help you get more public circulation on your website. You must have patience and organization to put them into practice, it may not be a task that will bring immediate results, but it will surely be very satisfactory.

And now, what will be the first of the techniques you will use how to increase website traffic to your blog?

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