Could reused cooking oil trigger breast cancer spread?

A new study in mice finds that breast cancer metastases may be encouraged by cooking oil that is reused. These preliminary results are certain to spark more research.

Keto Dill Pickle Soup

Keto Dill Pickle SoupKeto Dill Pickle Soup

If you're craving carbs on your keto diet, look no farther than this keto soup recipe, made with actual pickles! The saltiness of the pickle brine makes for the craving buster!

I never cared until I became an adult and realized energy is required to make soup than just about any keto recipe out there. I may have a batch of keto soup made in under 20 minutes, start to finish.

Talk about a fast keto meal!

And, packed with ingredients that encourage fat burning.

Keto Dill Pickle SoupKeto Dill Pickle Soup

Soup Helps You Burn Fat

You read that right! Using a high-quality bone broth in your keto soup recipes raises the glycine content, an amino acid which helps the body breakdown fat.

The important thing here is to use high quality bone broth that is rich in glycine.

Combined with the oil of your choice like coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee, and you are boosting your fat burning with every sip you take.

As you work to become fat accommodated , you might realize that you crave carbohydrates once and awhile. This is a natural answer, but understanding that fact doesn't totally help you in the moment! What can help, is currently eating pickles! The saltiness can help overcome than simply ignoring it a carbohydrate cravings simpler and sooth your longing for carbs.

That's why I really like this soup so much! And, because pickles are so inexpensive, using pickles on your dairy-free keto recipes is a great way to keep on budget when planning out your keto diet foods.

Before we get to the keto recipe, I've got news!

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Keto Dill Pickle SoupKeto Dill Pickle Soup
Keto Dill Pickle Soup
Author: Leanne Vogel
Recipe type: Keto, Dairy-free, Paleo, Low-carb, Egg-free, Nut-free
Prep time:  10 mins
Cook time:  25 mins
Total time:  35 mins
Serves: 4
An easy keto recipe that helps you bust through carbohydrate cravings, by incorporating pickles to your soup! Super creamy, delicious, and dairy-free. oz. (1.2L) vegetable stock or chicken broth
  • 1 small cauliflower, florets removed and finely grated
  • 1 bay leaf, discretionary
  • 1/2 tsp finely ground sea salt
  • pinch cayenne pepper, discretionary

  • two egg yolks
  • 4 large dill pickles, finely diced
  • 1/2 cup pickle brine

  • 1 tbsp fresh dill, optional
  • Directions
    1. Pour the avocado oil into a large saucepan and heat over moderate heat for 1 minute. Add the celery, onion, and garlic. Sauté until the onions are translucent.
    2. Add the broth or stock of your choice together with the roughly chopped cauliflower florets, bay leaf if usingsea salt, sea salt, and cayenne pepper if using. Cover, bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the cauliflower is soft.
    3. Using a ladle, remove 1 cup (240 ml) of hot broth from the soup, and place in a small bowl. Add the yolks to the broth and whisk until incorporated. Then, slowly pour back into the saucepan whilst doing so, stirring the soup.
    4. Add the finely diced dill pickles and pickle brine to the soup, cover and bring to a simmer before dividing the soup between four serving bowls, topping with fresh dill, and appreciating.
    To grate the cauliflower, use a cheese grater, blender, or food processor. Alternatively, instead of the cauliflower, you can use 1 small rutabaga peeled and cubed into 1/2-inch (1.25 cm) pieces.

    View Nutrition Information (once on page, scroll down)

    Keto Dill Pickle SoupKeto Dill Pickle Soup

    What little tricks do you have for overcoming carbohydrate cravings on your keto diet? Snap pics of your favorite carb-busting strategies on Instagram and tag me @healthfulpursuit. I love seeing!


    How to make Orange Fruit Leather

    How to make Orange Fruit Leather

    Would you like to learn how to make homemade fruit leather? It's easier than you think!

    When I was coming up with my own fruit leather recipe, I kept in mind parents trying to package their child's lunch with healthy snacks and concerned about food allergies and less than healthy ingredients.

    So, I'd thought I'd help out by creating a easy sugar free fruit made with my favourite clementine oranges.

    I also wanted to create a simple homemade fruit leather recipe, so that kids and parents (or a grandparent or babysitter) could make these together as a fun cooking activity.

    I hope you have as much fun making (and eating) the fruit as I did.

    This simple Orange Fruit Leather recipe also makes a excellent homemade gift for teachers, friends or relatives, too!

    Want to learn how to make fruit leather? This homemade orange fruit leather recipe is easier than you think! #sugarfree #sugarfreerecipes #recipe #easy #recipeoftheday #healthyrecipes #glutenfree #easyrecipes #desserts #dessertrecipes #dessertideas #sugarfree #sugarfreerecipes #oranges #fruitleather #fruitrecipes #snacks #snackrecipes #homemadegifts #vegan #veganrecipes

    When you understand how to make fruit leather, you know what is exactly what's in it! This homemade fruit leather is basically citrus, spices, and a natural sweetener.

    My Orange Fruit Leather recipe has been affected by some Indian candies brought home one day. I could taste that there was orange and ginger in it, but I could not figure what was the other spice.

    I was going through my spice cabinet one day when I discovered it -- cardamom! I knew that the combination with a little bit of lemon could be a excellent addition to this recipe for homemade fruit leather.

    I sweetened the orange fruit leather with Monk Fruit In The Raw Sweetener, which is a natural, no calorie sweetener. I love cooking with monk fruit sweetener since it functions just as well as sugar and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

    Even though clementine oranges are naturally sweet, I knew that adding the lemon, cardamom and ginger could make the orange fruit leather a bit bitter. But if you do not need to use the powdered monk fruit, then you can use honey or another sweetener.

    How to make Orange Fruit Leather

    Do you require a fruit leather dehydrator?

    I'm positive you're thinking that you'll need a fruit leather dehydrator to make fruit leather recipes. However, I believe using a dehydrator is easier for two reasons:

    1) a fruit leather dehydrator uses less energy and 2) the fruit leather recipe takes 6 to 8 hours and you might require the oven for something else like making dinner!

    A basic dehydrator costs around $40-70 and as soon as you have one, you'll find uses for it, believe me.

    I have a Nesco American Harvest Food Dehydrator and have used it for over 10 years for fruit leather, beef jerky, and drying fruit and mushrooms.

    amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thmacoonadi02-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; amzn_assoc_asins = "B00CS5ZI6G"; amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "3528c877a8e291ef0f87d89bfe696b20";

    However, with a little planning -- like those nights you are using your Instant Pot or slow cooker -- using your oven is fine for orange fruit recipes.

    Additionally, I found that if you go the oven route, having silicone baking sheets for your baking pans is crucial! I feel that fruit leather could stick to parchment paper or wax paper.

    The trick to making the sugar free orange fruit recipe is figuring out how long to cook it. If you're baking it in your oven, it is dependent on how low you can set it.

    However, my fruit leather dehydrator goes lower (165 to 115 degrees F). As it has a fan, the fruit leather is dehydrated in a much smaller enclosed space.

    So my advice is to check your hydrated fruit leather at the five hour mark. If the top is tacky, come back in an hour. If it is not sticky, see if you can peel it off all of the way.

    If the center of the orange fruit leather is still sticking to the mat/tray, place it back in the oven/dehydrator and check back in 30 minutes.

    Want to learn how to make fruit leather? This homemade orange fruit leather recipe is easier than you think! #sugarfree #sugarfreerecipes #recipe #easy #recipeoftheday #healthyrecipes #glutenfree #easyrecipes #desserts #dessertrecipes #dessertideas #sugarfree #sugarfreerecipes #oranges #fruitleather #fruitrecipes #snacks #snackrecipes #homemadegifts #vegan #veganrecipes

    Timing will depend on so many variables such as the moisture of the clementine oranges, the weather and humidity in your home, how well your equipment is working, etc.. So I can't give you hard and fast rules for times.

    However, if you do overcook your own fruit leather, it is still edible so don't throw it out!

    I sprinkled and dipped them in yogurt -- so delicious! I may"accidentally" make orange fruit leather chips again!

    Making fruit leather rolls

    If you wish to get fancy, you can make fruit leather rolls.

    But if you're using a fruit leather hydrator, the round trays make it hard to cut the orange fruit into fruit leather rolls.

    Therefore, while the orange fruit is still warm, place it onto a sheet of parchment paper. Then roll up the fruit tightly.

    Then using clean kitchen shears, cut the roll into four pieces. Tie each one with kitchen string.

    The orange fruit leather rolls won't be ideal. Instead, they'll look like old fashioned"foot roll up candies" which are just right for placing in lunch boxes.

    Store homemade fruit in baggies or airtight containers.

    How to make Orange Fruit Leather

    Orange Fruit Leather



    1. If using oven, set it to lowest setting (probably 170 degrees F).
    2. Place all ingredients in a top performance blender or food processor. Blend on high until fruit is frothy, about 20-30 minutes.
    3. Pour liquid into a medium saucepan. Make sure to scrape down sides of blender or food processor bowl with a spatula to get everything to the saucepan! Keep liquid skillet over medium heat. Stir often with a whisk. Cook for 10 minutes until liquid has thickened into a puree. Bake for 8 hours or so until the puree is no longer sticky and you can peel it off the trays without it sticking. When it is still warm, peel it off and wrap the fruit in parchment paper, if desired.
    4. If using oven, place silicon baking mat on a 11 x 17 skillet. Pour orange puree on silicon baking mat and spread evenly using an offset icing spatula. Leave a half inch of room around all sides. Bake for 2 hours or so until the puree is no longer tacky and you can peel it off the silicon mat with no sticking. When it's still warm, peel it off and wrap the fruit in parchment paper, if desired.
    Prep Time: 10 Minutes
    Cook Time: 8 Hours 10 Minutes
    Total Time: 8 Hours 20 Minutes
    Servings: Varies
    • Serving size: Varies

    Originally published February 2016. Updated with new images and information.






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