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Episode 424 – Q&A with Robb and Nicki #17

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Show Notes:

1. [1:43] Lake vs Chlorinated Pool?

Jocie says:

Heading towards summer- I’m wondering what your view is on lake vs typical chlorinated pool for summer fun?   Our family opted for the lake last summer, and it was beautiful but involving the dead fish and the posted high fecal count, I had been more than a bit grossed out.   There is a lot of talk about children growing up healthier when they are subjected to more germs and dirt, but what about things that can mess you over like parasites and giardia?  


Rick says:

Hey Nicki and Robb,

Thank you for the Q&A episodes – they have been fun. I’m writing to ask you a question about running when I am on Keto. I am 45 y/o, man, 6’0″, 235lbs, approximately 30% BF. I’m trying to lose some weight as the main goal, but I really like running too. I have never been fast, but I’ve got pretty decent endurance.

Keto seems to be the absolute best way to lose weight, but I find that my runs really tank. The longest I’ve been able to maintain keto is about 5 weeks, and the primary reason I fall off the wagon is this. While I’m not weighing and measuring, I am more or less following the suggestions from the Masterclass and Ketogains, and I’m focusing on getting enough electrolytes.

So what do you think is happening? Do I just need to keep plugging? Is it possible I am not meant to run while keto? How can adaptation speed? Lots of short slow runs? Fast runs? Slog out it for slow and long? Any advice you have would be fantastic.



3. [8:26] Carbs for Endurance After Fat Adapted?

Brian says:

I presume my body has undergone a metabolic shift in fuel supply, its working for me! My question is should us endurance guys still carb load to have glucose present in long events or should calorie consumption before long events stay parallel to our every day eating regimnet? In others words after this metabolic shift occurs from the macro perspective of ones nutrition is it supposed that the best fuel choice during ultra events ought to be the same? Would re-introducing glucose be a safety net or waste of calories in your opinion?

4. [14:01] High Fasting Blood Glucose on Low Carb/Keto Diet

Heather says:

I’m a massive fan and appreciate all the knowledge and insight you share on the podcast and everywhere else you show up. :-RRB- I have eaten low-carb/keto/paleo-ish for many decades now, and have done really well. I get less than 100g carbs/day (more like 50g), and consume an average of 100g protein/day (grassfed meat, bone broth protein, whey protein smoothies, nuts/seeds, pastured eggs, mackerel/sardines, and sometimes chicken). My fat intake is probably 90-100g/day. I am 43 yrs old, 5’4 in 118lbs with less than 20% body fat. I go on long walks daily, weight train 3/week, and throw some HITT training together with boxing in the mix. I used to be a turning teacher and spent hours and hours on the bike each week, but have not taught in 4 yrs and only power walk for”cardio” outside of interval training at the gym. I have two kids, ages 4 & 8, so that they keep me busy as well!

I recently (as in two weeks ago) purchased a blood sugar meter after giving in to my curiosity as to just what my fasting BG is, together with post-prandial, post exercise, etc.. I was shocked and so upset when I took my first reading one morning and it was 106!!! Since that time I’ve been rather obsessed and am pricking my finger all day long! LOL! But no matter if I am fasted, just went on a long walk or weight training session, or even 2 hrs after a meal, my blood sugar is always somewhere btwn 90-110–I never get a big swing up following a meal, even after I indulged in gf German Chocolate cake the other night! :-RRB- It has only gone as low as 83 or 87 on 2, random occasions, which is making me wonder,”What the hell?!”

Could it be cortisol? Could that be my norm? I was anticipating my FBG to be about 70-80 based on my diet and activity level. Please advise! I am so confused!! Thank you SO MUCH for all you do!!!!! :-RRB- :-RRB- 🙂

5. [18:21] Reliability of Glucose Meters

Pedro says:

Dear Robb

My name is Pedro Escudeiro and I’m portuguese. I have been following your work through interviews and your online books and publications. However, a few issues have arised especially concerning the use of glucometers to measure blood sugar, for metabolic control (fortunately I have no diseases). I want to ask you a few questions.

For a year now that I use regularly a Freestyle Precision Neo device and the readings aren’t reliable at all. I’ve made many experiments, like attempting to prick my fingers 5 times in a row to observe the results. I have done the carb test as well, reproducing the same conditions and the readings also change if I examine a few times and in different days. I have tried different devices too. I contacted the company to expose this issue and they told me that it’s acceptable a variation of 20 points. Being so, it essentially means we can not rely on this method to inform us on how the body is responding to foods or to check glucose equilibrium, by way of example, because it is always changing within the exact conditions. I wonder if you have noticed this same issue and if you discovered a method to overcome this unreliability.

I have used also a Freestyle Libre device, which measures continually the sugar (interstitial fluid) I know there’s a delay between the readings and the actual glucose level and there’s less accuracy than a blood glucometer. However, the same issue of unreliability is occurring. The profile of this Libre doesn’t have any match with all the blood glucometer or even any correlation, an individual might be going up and down the other and after one changes and another does not.

Since glucose levels are so essential for health and performance, if the best method to test it is not reliable and trustworthy in any respect, it makes all of the assumptions and decisions regarding our health, not just worthless but somehow dangerous. I wonder if you have any thoughts on this.

I hope I am not taking too much of your time and I thank you in advance.




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