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Episode 419 – Mikhaila Peterson – Carnivore Diet Advanced Blood Work

This episode of this podcast we’ve guest Mikhaila Peterson. Mikhaila has become well known for placing her severe Rheumatoid Arthritis by using a carnivore diet.

Listen in as we talk about the diet and the results of her blood work that was new she’d done recently.

Show Notes

[0:53] — Summary and pre-intro [2:18] — Introduction, and Mikhaila’s previous carnivore bloodwork [3:15] — Last ditch attempt to manage autoimmune disorder (RA) [3:50] — Pregnancy affecting autoimmune disease [6:50] — Inventing the autoimmune paleo diet protocol [9:08] — How the carnivore diet got on Mikhaila’s radar [15:50] — Mikhaila’s first round of blood work on carnivore [17:38] — Advanced testing blood work results (second round) [24:50] — Mikhaila’s takeaway from her recent bloodwork [27:40] — Robb’s great encounter with loperamide (Imodium) [31:14] — How people are doing the carnivore diet [33:11] — Paleomedicina expertise in Hungary [35:15] — Case studies reversing Type-1 diabetes when caught early [40:0] — Robb’s 6-week carnivore diet encounter [45:30] — What Mikhaila has coming up

Connect to first round of blood work on Carnivore: http://mikhailapeterson.com/2018/08/07/blood-work/

Mikhaila’s second round of blood work on Carnivore (more advanced): PDF Download

Is your carnivore diet for you? If you want to learn more, take a look at our Carnivore Diet 101 guide


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