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Episode 418 – Jason Woodard – Interview Interrogation and Building Rapport

Today we have my friend (and origin of my jiu jitsu pain), Jason Woodard. He is a decorated 19-year law enforcement veteran who has served as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Range Master, SWAT Operator, SWAT Sniper Section Leader, and Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor. The focus of Jason’s career has become an investigator and instructor; while conducting major crimes/homicide investigations he worked multiple high profile and death penalty cases and developed a reputation for investigative tenacity and interrogative skill. Jason is also a lead instructor for the Interview & Interrogations Institute and is still an active-duty Law Enforcement Officer.

Show Notes

00:48 – Pre-Intro/Summary 1:43 — Integrating Jason Woodard and his background 4:08 — What Jason does with teaching interview interrogation 6:10 — Rapport building 11:12 — Utilizing Jason’s techniques for training people 16:35 — How Jason has been helping gyms with recommendations 22:50 — Chickasaw Nation – Unconquered Life communication improvement 25:05 — Stress tested methods 30:30 – Skill set of law enforcement officers for coaching 32:35 – Basics and foundation of building rapport 37:25 — Robb’s plan for having Jason on, and Q&A followup 40:40 — Where you can find Jason

Building Rapport – A Cheat Sheet (PDF Download)

Email: TheHumanCaliber@Gmail.com

The Interviews and Interrogation Institute Website


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