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Doctors Blunders: Parasites

Doctors Blunders: Parasites

This is the first video of the series “Physicians Blunders” and now ’s theme is quite unpleasant: Parasites!

“Ninety percent of humans are going to have problem with parasites in their lifetime.” 

A study out of The University of Maryland says,”Parasites can live within the intestines for years without causing any symptoms.” This is the reason why a lot people have parasites without even knowing it.

The protozoan parasite affects 3.7 million people in the United States. However, only about 30 percent of people will actually develop symptoms.

These statistics could already give you an idea that when Doc suggested “parasites go away by themselves” he/she wasn’t on the right track!

What are a few of the signs you’ve got unwanted guests?

  1. Changes in the appearance or frequency of bowel movements, especially if you’ve got excessive diarrhea or loose stools for two weeks.
  2. Chronic exhaustion not solved by a week of restful sleep.
  3. Unexplained and sudden weight loss of 10 or more pounds over two months.
  4. Itching around the anus for at least two weeks, particularly if there is no rash.

Those are just some of the most evident symptoms, but here is a list of other conditions that could be caused by parasites: Constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle aches, allergies, sugar cravings, skin ailments, itching at nose, ears, eyes, rashes, hives, eczema, acne, headaches, chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping, yeast and candida infection.

What to do about those nasty buggers?  Watch my movie here for my nutritional approach to solving parasites!





Below is a transcript of the video!

Doctor’s Blunders — Parasites

[00:00:09] Hi, I am Vivica, Keto Nutritionist and Hormone Specialist. So, this is our first little physician’s blunders video. This case is about parasites. So, one of my clients went to a doctor after undergoing some major gastro intestinal distress symptoms which were going on for many years.

One more thing, she was traveling. She was traveling to South America, India and a number of other third world countries.

[00:01:00] So, when she went to a doctor, she inquired about if they check for parasites possibly and the doctor was like oh no, we do not need to test for parasites. Anyways, if you had parasites, they’ll go away by themselves.

[00:01:24] Parasites do not go away by themselves by the way. So, allow me to give you here a little bit of an idea. Approximately 85 percent of Americans will experience parasites at some point in their lives and about 90 percent of human beings will also experience a parasite in general in the world. Here’s the study of the University of Maryland and I’m going to quote. “Parasites can live within the intestines for years without causing any symptoms.” Many of us can have parasites and never realize that.

[00:02:02] there are lots of different kinds of parasites and the ways that we pick them up is through polluted waters, occasionally through our pets, sometimes through factory farm weeds which aren’t properly treated and then, they’re not properly cooked. So, it’s very easy even in our westernized world, our contemporary clean world in the United States to get a parasite.

[00:02:29] What are some of the symptoms of parasites? Bloating, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal distress but also some more subtle symptoms which are for a longer time when you’ve been infected with parasite and some of those are bloating and gas, IBS [00:02:47], joint and muscle aches, allergies, sugar cravings, skin conditions like eczema or acne, and joint itching, chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and yeast and candida infections.

[00:03:05] So, I have observed this in my clinical practice with various people and among the first things I say to a patient that has come to me with this kind of symptoms and a sort of history history of travels into different areas of the world. Not necessarily the world. Like it could only be from the United States. Like the first thing I’d tell them is that we will need to check for parasites. And the tests that are available nowadays are extremely extensive and very precise so with almost extreme accuracy, we can find out if you have an infection, an active parasitic infection in your body.

[00:03:49] So, what do we do when we find out that you have a parasite infection?  Well, in my practice, I use herbs, anti-parasitic herbs because they don’t have the side effects and contrary to indications that normal medication is going to have. We do Keto Paleo lifestyle because one of the things which parasites feed on… Guess what? Is grains and sugar and certain meats particularly like pork meat. I’ve included some very interesting links beneath this video so you can educate yourself further.

[00:04:30] additionally, if you think you might have parasites or you’ve got extreme gastro-intestinal symptoms and you will love to know more about it, please reach out to me and I can help you with some proper testing. We could do some laboratory testing or some other ways I can help you understand what’s your case.

[00:04:55] But don’t let your doctor send you home and call you mad and telling you parasites should have gone away by themselves or your gastro-intestinal issues are not normal or they are not diet related because that’s the type of stuff they will tell you in the emergency room, dismissed without even an explanation and that’s what happened to that client of mine.

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