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Doctors Blunders: Keto For Epilepsy

Doctors Blunders Episode 3: Keto for epilepsy

Keto for Epilepsy

My customer Lucas went to the doctor to inquire about doing a ketogenic diet for his epileptic seizures.

You won’t believe what the doctor told him!

Lucas came to me at the age of 29 to get help to get started with the ketogenic diet, as he heard it would help control his seizures.

Before I tell you about what the doctor recommended to Lucas, allow me to tell you a bit about his case.

The Case Of Lucas Seizures

After reviewing his case I discovered a few very interesting and relevant points:

  1. His diet was less than optimal
  2. His digestion was not functioning properly
  3. The seizures began after he was put on a certain medicine by his doctor at the age of 21

Resolving Lucas’ case was more than simply getting him into ketosis.

Of course ketosis plays a big part when it comes to controlling seizures, and the keto for epilepsy has been used very successfully.

Seizure control, particularly in babies (1), has been one of the main uses this diet was developed in the first place, and it’s still used even for adults when not responsive to drugs. (2)

Research found that “Reported rates of seizure freedom reached as high as 55% in a classical 4:1 KD group after three months and reported rates of seizure reduction attained as high as 85 percent in a classical 4:1 KD group after three months”. (2)

It was definitively the case for Lucas who after only a month on the diet began to see a dramatic difference in the frequency of his episodes, as he shares with us at the video!

More than simply keto

Therefore the doctor recommended to Lucas to not even bother with keto!

And we saw what happened instead. Lucas didn’t have any trouble maintaining ketosis and he improved quickly!

But as I said in the movie there was more in my view than simply ketosis to help him improve.

Fixing Lucas digestion was a primary concern with me. Latest research finally proves the connection between brain and gut function (4) and in a holistic practice it is well understood that the gut is one of the pillars of overall health, so it must be addressed in any situation.

  Suspiciously enough, Lucas seizures had begun after he was put on acne medication at an early age. For me the correlation was very likely, something no doctor would have likely suspected!

As you can hear from Lucas himself in the movie, the results were very positive and our strategy worked!

It worked so well that Lucas has now started coaching individuals himself on the path of keto.

If you are interested in his help you can find him here:

Instagram: @keyintoketo

I hope you have found this article interesting. Please don’t hesitate to remark and ask questions below and share with a friend who may be interested in hearing this advice!



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