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Bio-HACK-ing Chronicles Ep.1: What’s with Jimmy Moore’s HCT & Hb?

I've decided to chronicle some of the biohacking insanity going on out there on the blog.    I'm not sure if this helps anybody, but it will preserve some of it for posterity.    So this will randomly comprise publicly shared results of various”hacks” — dietary or otherwise.
First up — who else? Fresh off his quickly in three weeks, Jimmy continues focusing on all the wrong things instead of actual improvements in matters known to improve health.  Low carb is/wasn't enough for Jimmy Moore, so he adopted an extreme version of a keto diet.  Until he stopped reporting his burden at the end of the 18, this worked for a year.  He rapidly recovered the 80 re-lost pounds and embarked quickly.  Forget the scale, I won't even post images, you've.  He is a man despite biomarkers that appear to indicate.  
Jimmy Moore is obsessed with measuring ketones (everywhichway, seemingly, but up the bum — is an anal ketone test far behind?  LOL) and blood glucose.  Unless you are using insulin to control diabetes and/or concerned about ketoacidosis, or are on a curative ketogenic diet for something such as epilepsy, incessant glucose and (especially) ketone monitoring is pretty meaningless and probably neuroses-inducing in many.   
BOTTOM LINE:  When ANYONE (other than an IDDM) doesn't eat for a couple of days, their blood sugars will return and their ketone levels will go up.  So big whoop that this happened to Jimmy Moore.  
I'm rather more interested in this:

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